Ellen is a magnetic connector + energy exerting enthusiast (aka Fitness Instructor of 7 years).


Jan ' 18 - Present

Group Fitness Instructor (HIIT) | e3 Fitness | Denver, CO

Jul ' 16 - Present

Group Fitness Instructor (Spin + HIIT) | Endorphin | Denver, CO

Mar '15 - Jan '18

Group Fitness Instructor (HIIT/Circuit Training) | Pearl Street Fitness | Denver, CO

Mar '11- Dec '16

Group Fitness Instructor (Spin) | Matrix Fitness and Spa | Denver, CO 


Ellen Somerville | C: 303.618.8368 E: ellen1687@gmail.com




Prior to launching Danee Co, she served as the Account Director/Project Manager/Brand Strategist at Nucleus Maximus—a branding, design, and marketing strategy agency for CPG brands.

There, she cut her teeth on the food/lifestyle/wellness industry and received mentorship in creative direction. Through instinct and talented creatives, Danee has helped to grow brand’s visual identities, messaging strategies, and positioning. 

She’s directly managed brand's creative strategy, failed forward with startups, been experientially [marketing-wise] dangerous, and navigated bottlenecks in brand experiences.

Shameless plug: Prior to NucMax, she sold all her shit + ala “Eat, Pray, Love”— backpacked the world. 

Danee is addicted to podcasts and efficiency.